Coalition to Protect American Workers

Fighting Against the Biden Administration’s Proposed Tax Hikes


In the months prior to the Build Back Better vote during the 117th Congress, the Coalition to Protect American Workers (CPAW) targeted vulnerable Members of Congress in a successful $12 million effort to eliminate the most pernicious components of the bill, including the removal of stepped-up basis, higher marginal tax rates, and expansive new IRS auditing power.

Our coalition put pressure on Democrat Senators in states such as Arizona, Montana, and West Virginia, resulting in a stalled vote and strong objections to the bill from other Democratic Senators.


The Coalition to Protect American Workers held events across the country. These events highlighted the stories of small business owners and working families impacted by mandates and proposed tax increases and put pressure on local elected officials in Congress to stand up against them.

We partnered with Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks national tour which featured speakers including Florida Senator Rick Scott, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, local business owners, and other elected officials.

Save Our Paychecks

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