Building a Better America

America Needs Permitting Reform Now


Americans all agree we need to build more – we need roads, bridges, and all forms of energy – but we are hampered by an outdated and inefficient permitting regime. Building a Better America seeks to harness strong public support and enact common-sense reforms to our infrastructure permitting process to allow important projects to be completed and to provide for meaningful environmental protection.


Building a Better America has hosted events in Ohio and Pennsylvania with elected officials, business and labor leaders, and private sector voices.

In addition, we sponsored the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Virginia Forum on Infrastructure and its Impact on Economic Development.

At a minimum, this reform should include:

Limited timelines for environmental reviews;

Designate “lead agencies” to ensure coordination between the large number of federal agencies involved in environmental reviews; and

Ensure that a final decision is a final decision.

Advocating for NEPA Reform

In 2019, Building a Better America supported the modernization and reform of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to encourage greater investment in America’s vital infrastructure, ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Our efforts resulted in 510,000 comments submitted to the Council on Environmental Quality during a compressed eight-week open public comment period. In addition, BBA ran six separate advocacy campaigns, each one tailored to a different audience, including unions, farmers, and construction workers.

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